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A person who believes in the basic tenets of Buddhism, but is not a fervent practitioner.
Michael considers himself Buddhish because he lives in the here and now but can't stand all that chanting.
by flyingdog July 26, 2009
A meal where a considerable volume of tableware (utensiles) is used (intensively), most often to impress and confound guests.
Geez, the Contessa really outdid herself with that dinner table. What a truly utensive display!
by flyingdog July 13, 2009
When two toxic personalities get along. A special form of co-dependence.
Those two are so screwed up, but they've been together for 30 years or more. Can't live without each other, in fact. They are totally copaseptic.
by flyingdog November 03, 2009
To be intrigued and drawn to a beau; an unexpected romantic connection.
Wow, Michael's dating a really sweet and clever guy and it looks like a case of mutual deep smit.
by flyingdog August 09, 2009
That brief moment of indecision (or clarity) between seeing a really sweet butt and deciding whether or not to give it a nice little pat. Sometimes you go with it; sometimes you don't.
Whoa! I totally almost slapped that guy's butt. Glad I had a moment to spankulate. I might have made a serious social blunder, right there in the frozen foods!
by flyingdog November 06, 2009
A staycation enhanced by some really good bud.
Dude, I never left the house, but the killer weed I got from the dispensary sent me on a total weedcation.
by flyingdog October 29, 2009
A term of art in the theatrical world. Any combination of ingestible fruit (optimally chopped apples) and dairy products (optimally yogurt) combined to give the impression of potato salad on stage.
Michael's show included an eating scene, so he concocted some fauxtato salad to make it easier to swallow before his next scene.
by flyingdog August 26, 2009
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