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to orgasm / cum...mang
Bethany! I am about to BEAD!!!!!
by Peruski February 01, 2005
An object you are fascinated by and/or a flashy object.
Ex.1 "Hey Andi, I like yo beads"
Ex.2 Jesse:"That girl has really sexy eyes."
Ben:"Yeah, they're total beads."
by Sydney09326 May 14, 2008
Bead: Synonym of cool, tight, good, sweet, rad, awesome.

Can be used in conversation as "bead", "beadin", "beady", or even "beadalicious"

The antonym is "anti-bead"
Example 1: "Damn, this weed is beadin"

Example 2: "Harry Potter is BEAD"
by Caitlinlin November 14, 2010

bead can be applied in two ways - as part of a sentence or by itself.

a) When used as a part of a sentance, bead is used to describe something that is extremely positive.

b) By adding the suffix "orse", the positivity of bead can be reversed to describe something that SHOULD be positive, but is in fact negative.

"bead" used by itself can mean a number of things, however the intended meaning can be understood by acknowledging both the context of the conversation and the degree of positivity that is being shown.

bead used by itself can mean the following - listed in order of positivity shown:

(i) "What's up?"
(ii) "I agree, sort of"
(iii) "I'm drunk"
(iv) "I'm impressed"
(v) "I agree."
(vi) "We are mint"
(vii) "I agree strongly."
(viii)"How the fuck is it goin, homie?"
(ix) "LOL!"
(x) "I love bead"

The level of positivity can be shown in two ways:

a) When written, the use of capital letters, letter extentions, smiley faces and possibly random letters thrown in, indicates how positively the person feels with regards to the topic.

b) When spoken - shouting, hyper body language and an extended period of time taken to say the word, are all indicators of how positive the user feels about the topic.
1.a) "Them hoes last night were fuckin' bead, homie."

1.b) "Sorry dude, my computer keeps crashing - its totally beadorse."

(i) "What's up?" ... ("bead")
(ii) "I agree, sort of" ... ("bead...")
(iii) "I'm drunk" ... ("bead:-F")
(iv) "I'm impressed" ... ("bead:-o")
(v) "I agree." ... ("bead!")
(vi) "We are mint" ... ("bead(H)")
(vii) "I agree strongly." ... ("BEAD!")
(viii) "How the fuck is it goin, homie?" ... ("BEEEEEAAAAD")
(ix) "lol!" ... ("behehehead:-D")

2.b) *Screaming at top of lungs, face about to explode with excitement and taking 10 minutes to finish saying the word* "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!!" means "I love bead"
by Jacod Fish July 18, 2004
Anyone who really pisses you off, or is just stupid in general
Also, anyone who smells like ass.
Anal Bead
anal beading
Anal Beads
(After Johnny spills his drink all over your lap)
Johnny, you're such a fuckin' bead!
by Bead Master February 23, 2005
Refers directly to the beadiness of the eyes. especially beady mother fuckers and/or squinty-eyed dowies. spreads negativity and depression.
"That boy James Dawson is the beadiest mother fucker i have ever seen." or "suck on my beads like you're milking sue dawson, mrrrowwww."
by James Michael Dawson October 30, 2007
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