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To have sex in the anus in a barbaric manor.
Barbian ass sex is awesome.

Any body want some barbarian ass sex.

Man barbarian ass sex looses me up and gets me in the mood.
by fatcat346 October 03, 2002
When you don't wipe up your seman after masterbation and it sticks to your underwear.
Man my dick hurts after that krusty keblar
by fatcat346 October 04, 2002
Having intercource in a fine restaurant.
Good lord sir, are they doing what I think they are doing. Yes, apparently they call it a popperelly
by fatcat346 June 23, 2003
When semen glues your hands together
The elmers delight tore skin off my hands
by fatcat346 October 04, 2002
To stick face in womens pelvic area and make a grr while moving head back and forth
I gave her chewbacha and then she left me.
by fatcat346 October 02, 2002
To stick a ripe banana in the ass.
I need to go to the bathroom and give myself a banana split.
by fatcat346 June 23, 2003
To stick penis in light socket
George took the power out for 3 days because he did a buzzer.
by fatcat346 October 02, 2002

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