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Plasticy doom on a roll.
I will kill you with plastic wrap.
by Dumb Ass August 17, 2004
deon jackson is a jackass mother fucker who is a fucken fraddyass
jackass ass whole who can not hit the broad side of a barn
by dumb ass September 14, 2004
The hellish fatinsane demoniod minion of lucifer who terrorizes the world once a year by bringing unspeakable atrocities to our houses!
He will deliver a plague onto your homes and make you suffer the wrath of a thousand guilty souls!
by Dumb Ass August 16, 2004
Santa clause had some presents to deliver but to bad i lived in a van down by the river. I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!
YOU WILL DIE I WILL FIND YOU AND KILL YOU! I shall cut open your skull and rip out your eyeballs and intestines and slurp them up out of the bottom of your skull like noodles!
by Dumb Ass August 15, 2004
a random word I pulled out of my ass
you are all my puppets! dance dance DANCE! I am the drunken avenger of the night stalking women mugging people killing sluts and stabbing small animals.
by Dumb Ass August 16, 2004
I did your momma. OUH*&#Y)*&GNFP&SOGO*@JMT(@&QV_*^JUVXH@FH_TYQY*(@(*%^
I want your mommas sweet ass. MMMMM mm Delicious.
by Dumb Ass August 16, 2004
I will stuff fish sticks down your throught and watch you die. then I'll laugh at you.
ill stuff fishsticks so far up your ass youll be coughing up tartar sauce!
by Dumb Ass August 16, 2004
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