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SOGO or suns out guns out is a state of mind in which sunshine triggers immediate invigoration of the soul. Once the sun peeks out from the clouds one must pop off their shirt in order to photosynthesize. Feelings of jubilation and bliss instantly radiate throughout the body. And then the lord said “let there be light!”
SOGO is all you need.
by acidophile June 01, 2011
An abbreviation for Southern Gold. A dirty southern New Zealand lager beer solely enjoyed by the Scarfie students of Dunedin.
Bro, did you see Marc Ellis shotgun 20 SoGos lastnight? He's Scarfie as!
by matausi March 01, 2012
SUNS OUT GUNS OUT - The act of taking off your shirt at a street fair ie. public place and showing off. I am referring to a hot summer's day in Chicago at a street fair or swimming pool, etc.

Same goes when the sun goes down. SDGD...Suns Down, Guns Down.
SOGO today. The sun is out and that means the guns are out!
by BriSai March 05, 2012
An acronym standing for "Suns out guns out". Suns out guns out is a special time of day when the sun peaks out from behind the clouds. At this exact moment it is necessary to rip your shit off, yell "SOGO!" and show off your guns. The combination of these actions will kill every living organism in one-mile radius and you will most likely be slammin some v within the next 5 minutes.
I was hanging out with Sarah earlier today and had a SOGO moment. That's why she fucked me in the McDonald's parking lot.
by Cunt-a-tron November 23, 2008

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