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a mens magazine usually filled with pornographic images ranging from scantily-clad young ladies (1950's era), to today's naked titty pics, beaver pics, lesbian, oral, anal, group, fetish, bdsm, and worse

this is the Print Era equivalent of porn web sites

sometimes called "porno"

Yuck. I was looking for my fishing gear in our garage when I found my dad's hidden stash.

Your dad smokes dope?

No man, worse. It was his porn mags. Gross.

by dsimms January 11, 2009
A porn queen usually refers to a woman who has appeared in pornographic media, such as movies (porn flicks), magazines (porn mags), or online porn sites (webporn).

Many porn queens cross over between the different forms of media, first becoming a skin mag model, then later a porn actress; sometimes this process is reversed. Some porn queens even start their own websites. Porn queens also go on road tours, starring or headlining at strip clubs in major cities.

Being a porn queen usually implies the actress/model has made a "name" for herself. Often a porn actress will choose a fake name with a humorous and/or double entendre meaning so as to make it memorable (for example, Bunny Blue).

"...Jenna Jameson wants the world to officially remember her for her iconic porn princess name. Earlier this week the knocked-up starlet filed legal papers to become 'Jenna Jameson' and permanently move on from her birth name, Jenna Marie Massoli."
-- from Rumorficial Celebrity Gossip, Nov. 2008, on porn queen extraordinaire Jenna Jameson

(calling porn queen extraordinaire Jenna Jameson a 'princess' is like calling good Queen Liz a princess - a polite diminutive retrograde)

by dsimms January 10, 2009
consensual sex slave

sometimes without the sex

"I swear dude. I wear that t-shirt that says 'Will you be my love slave?' and girls I've never seen before just walk up to me and say 'Yes'."
by dsimms January 14, 2008
The Borg known as Seven of Nine on the Star Trek Voyager TV series. Played by actress Jeri Ryan.

Also called "36 of D" by those who are nearsighted, inexperienced, or don't know a great handful when they see it.

"Hell yeah I'd do 44 of D, I mean Seven of Nine. With or without her Borg gear. Uhhh... do you think it's really true about her metal pussy teeth?"

by dsimms May 10, 2008
a cybersex partner; someone you cyber with just like you were lovers in real

usually regularity, commitment, and caring are part of the cyberlover pattern, just like any real relationship

Usually you never meet your cyberlover, but there are many cases I know about where two cyberlovers arrange to meet in real. Usually one of them flies out to the city where the other lives; sometimes they arrange to meet in a completely different city. In every case, they practically fuck in the cab on the way to the hotel.
by dsimms January 14, 2008
a generic term for any fears that humans may have regarding sex with robots

because robots are really genderless machines, the phobic term "metal pussy teeth" applies to potential harm from any sexbot, male or female or other

"I'd only hit that Terminator chick if I could check her coochie for metal pussy teeth. Every time."

On a humorous side note, the urban myth became such a big concern that the Koreans started printing "No Metal Pussy Teeth" on the outside box of every LG-12 Sexbot, and on all their promotional literature.

by dsimms September 16, 2008
a sexbot used primarily for oral sex

often true fuckbots include the functionality of a suckbot

"The next generation of suckbots are gonna rock, man! My local sex shop has me down on their list!"

"Loser. Geek."

by dsimms January 14, 2008

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