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strip naked and go swimming in a holy body of water, like the Sea of Galilee - especially applies to politicians during an election year
"Kansas congressman Yoder apologizes for swimming nude in Sea of Galilee" -- which is where Jesus walked on water and you-know-who decided to pull a yoder during a Congressional fact-finding tour to Israel
by dsimms August 20, 2012
a dance done by search engine spiders on the web

when a spider crawls your website, it gathers up all the links and keywords on your web pages, then crawls into all the web pages pointed to by your links

this dance is sometimes called "crawling the web"

robots.txt files can be used to limit what spiders do when they crawl your website -- assuming it's a spider that obeys the rules

by dsimms April 21, 2008
any fancy Starbucks coffee beverage to go

Driving in to my cubicle today I stopped and got a frap'n'shot expresso. So I'm a little wired.

by dsimms May 01, 2008
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