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a computer meta-design term which stands for Universal Masturbation Language

UML methodology has been used successfully in the design and implementation of several sexbot and fuckbot systems

UML is often used to bridge the gap between soft-ware and hard-ware
"IBM is using UML on their next project? Bitchin!"
#uml #universal #masturbation #language #software #hardware #methodology
by dsimms January 16, 2008
UMass Lowell, home of the 5's and 6's. Separated into three campuses, East, North, and South.

East Campus: This is where most people live. Dorm buildings are Fox Hall, the 18 story residence prison, Leitch and Bourgeois, the freshmen dorms, and Donahue. You can most often find dude guys, frat boys, 5's and 6's, misplaced music students, and a wide variety of non-English speaking, confused looking residents, with everyone wearing pajama's and flocking to meals on the second floor of Fox Hall.

North Campus: This is where the engineering, computer science, and business schools are, but since business students don't go to class, the streets and halls are primarily dominated by squirlish engineering students who tell crappy jokes and make uninformed opinions about things they know little/nothing about (ie sex, alcohol, humanity...)

South Campus: South campus is the haven for music, arts, and english students. Most everyone wears band shirts, and show up almost mandatorily 15 minutes late to everything. Subsequently, asking for an opinion on everything will merit a 20 minute speech on the current, horrible state of the country and/or lack of peace. The dining hall is also much better than the one on East Campus.

UMass Lowell used to be two school separated by low income housing, but now it is one school, still separated by low income housing.
Guy 1: Hey, I'm going up to UMass this weekend, wanna come?
Guy 2: Amherst?
Guy 1: No, UML
Guy 2: Ehh, I gotta clean my room this weekend...
#college #lowell #massachusetts #university #gazeebo
by SoxDominate July 30, 2008
The opposite of "FML" - the "U" standing for UNF***. It's a good thing.
Hey! I just found $20.00 in this jacket that I haven't worn since Spring! UML!!!
#hooray #yay #yahoo #damn #shit
by Dlx2k October 06, 2010
Uml or U-trash lowell, is a school located
in Lowell, Massachusetts. It is split into
two campuses seperated by a smelly ghetto.
UML's hockey team just swept the weekend series agains BC
by justin vaughan March 05, 2005
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