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Can refer to a person or a sexbot. When refering to a person, "kinkazoid" usually means one of the following:

1. a general pervert
2. a pervert who owns and bangs a kinkazoid sexbot
3. someone who works at a Kinko's copy center

When referring to a sexbot, a "kinkazoid" is a sexbot specially designed or outfitted for some pervert fetish. For example:

1. a schoolgirl or Sailor Moon sexbot (popular in Japan);
2. an anime elf-waif sexbot (popular among D&D fans);
3. a life-size Barbie-replica sexbot;
4. a zoological creature, male or female, like a swan or hairy gorilla sexbot;
5. an alien male or female lifeform, like an Alien, Klingon, or Predator sexbot;
6. a wtf-celebrity sexbot, i.e. a replica of a celebrity or famous person not normally associated with sex, like Margaret Thatcher or Queen Victoria.

Note that alien sexbots like T'Pring (Star Trek) or Zhaan (Farscape) or 44 of D (Borg), or celebrity-replicas like Paris Hilton or Madonna sexbots, would not be considered kinkazoids because their prototypes are considered sexy (at least by some). "Kinkazoid" usually implies a sexbot that fulfills some kind of deviant desire or fantasy.

For some reason the teddy bear sexbots used by a lot of women are not considered deviant, therefore they aren't labeled as kinkazoids.

"Omigod! Did you hear? They busted open his basement and found a Margaret Thatcher kinkazoid down there! Fox News is hushing it up!"

"What a kinkazoid. I always knew he was a dirty Tory douche bag."

by dsimms May 10, 2008