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the new type of plastic rubber that feels exactly like human skin, especially the soft flesh of the genitals, used to make realistic sex toys

"I felt the sexflesh on that new realistic penis vibrator, man. It felt weird. Just like the skin on my own dick. It was freaky."

"What were you doing feeling up a realistic penis?"

"No no, man. You know that's not me. It's just they cut a hole in the package so you could touch it to see how realistic that new sexflesh feels. I just had to check it out."
by dsimms January 14, 2008
a variation on Stepford, referring to Stepford Wives, where something is bland and lifeless but at the same time has exciting sexual advantages or is oddly a turn-on in a kinky sort of way

see Stepford Wife

alternatively, a small suburb of London where one can find such amenities as warm pints and hot knickers, often right next door

A Suckford Wife would be one who is robotic and soulless, but gives great sex.

A suckford job would be one you hate, or is boring, but has great side benefits -- for example, accountant at a strip club.

"We want to move out to Suckford, out by Humpshire"

by dsimms May 25, 2008
the religious and/or political belief that men are superior to women

pervasive throughout all modern cultures and political systems

even in America, women didn't get the right to vote until 50 years after freed male slaves got the vote

in several Asian countries, female babies and fetuses are frequently killed or aborted because male children are much more highly regarded -- thus leading to the ironic outcome that in those parts of the world there are huge shortages of women for the sons to marry -- man-o-centric stupidity at its finest

in some Middle Eastern and African countries they practice female genital mutilation, cutting off a girl's clitoris under the theory or belief that only men's orgasms count, women don't deserve orgasms

"American capitalists, Chinese communists, Islamic shariaists, it doesn't matter, all of 'em are man-o-centric pricks."

"Shirley, we're all feminists here, we've heard the rant, give it a rest."

"Hah! See! You're just a victim of man-o-centric thinking!"

by dsimms April 21, 2008
meaningless blog drivel clogging up the major search engines on the web; from the term grey goo

when doing a web search on a particular topic nowadays, especially on Google, it becomes increasingly common to have 70% or more of your search results on the first few pages be blog links, most of which are utterly useless

this occurs because gazillions of blog writers babble about a gazillion-squared rambling topics, most of which end up on big blog web pages with hundreds of other non-sequiter references to other blogs in big inane mish-mashes of links and buzz words

other blog writers then link to those blog pages, noting that so-and-so commented on whats-his-name's comment about joe-blow's timely blog on such-and-such a topic

link amplifiers like digg and technorati and gawker just compound the goo and inanity

now, when the major search engine spiders crawl all of these blog pages, and blog pages about blog pages, they see all of these links and crosslinks, thus artificially boosting the blog pages to higher search engine status, thus crowding out legitimate search responses


a simple fix would be if Google and the other search engines identified blog pages as different from regular web content pages, and gave the user the option of viewing search results comprised of no blog results, all blog results, or both

blogoo is the toe jam of the web

by dsimms April 21, 2008
Star Trek: the Next Generation - the second tv series in the long-running science fiction franchise

usually pronouneced as "S T N G", as separate letters with no reference to the colon, even though it is _always_ written with the colon

also called simply "Next Generation" by the geekazoids

sometimes also written ST:tNG
"He is such a geek, when he says ST:NG you can hear the fucking colon in it, I swear"
by dsimms January 13, 2008
The term "porn princess" is a polite diminutive retrograde form of the more widespread term "porn queen". It does not imply her behavior is any less lewd or immoral or kinky.
"...Jenna Jameson wants the world to officially remember her for her iconic porn princess name. Earlier this week the knocked-up starlet filed legal papers to become 'Jenna Jameson' and permanently move on from her birth name, Jenna Marie Massoli."
-- from Rumorficial Celebrity Gossip, Nov. 2008
by dsimms January 11, 2009
"Sex robot" is the formal commercial or industrial term for a sexbot (also called fuckbot or suckbot), just as "sex worker" is the formal term for hookers, strippers, porn queens, and ho's.
Damn. The IRS wants me to list my sex robots as sex workers so they can charge me wage taxes. Damn.
by dsimms January 09, 2009
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