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17 definitions by drbollocks

Also used to refer to pavement/sidewalk in Ilkeston, but possibly "causey" from "causeway"
"No playing in the road...stay on the corsey"
by drbollocks April 17, 2008
11 0
A theatrical term to describe the reaction of the more puritanical members of an audience when the word "fuck" is first used in a play.
"Did you see that couple get up and walk out when I dropped the 'fuck-bomb'?"

by drbollocks May 09, 2008
15 6
A horse (East midlands) ... when used in explaining to a small child.
"Oh look at the pretty bobboes"
by drbollocks April 20, 2008
28 19
The illusion of a woman having four buttocks, through wearing over-tight panties beneath equally tight trousers, the panty-line cutting into and dividing the flesh of each cheek.
"What was Fat Sue thinking wearing tight pants...you can see her quad ass"
by drbollocks November 27, 2008
9 1
Something really tough...very difficult.
"This steak is chewier than a horse's hymen"

"These instructions are proving tougher than a horse's hymen"
by drbollocks August 09, 2008
8 1
Cute girl. Term made famous by the likes of Leslie Philips and Donald Sinden in Ealing comedies.
"I say...what an absolute popsy!"
by drbollocks August 05, 2008
10 3
An undesirable person. Certainly used in Ilkeston, Derbyshire to refer to anyone a lttle unfortunate looking, poorly educated perhaps. Or just someone you don't like.
"What do you want to go out with him for? He's a right scronk"
by drbollocks April 17, 2008
16 10