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A horse (East midlands) ... when used in explaining to a small child.
"Oh look at the pretty bobboes"
by drbollocks April 20, 2008
Also used to refer to pavement/sidewalk in Ilkeston, but possibly "causey" from "causeway"
"No playing in the road...stay on the corsey"
by drbollocks April 17, 2008
The illusion of a woman having four buttocks, through wearing over-tight panties beneath equally tight trousers, the panty-line cutting into and dividing the flesh of each cheek.
"What was Fat Sue thinking wearing tight pants...you can see her quad ass"
by drbollocks November 27, 2008
Cute girl. Term made famous by the likes of Leslie Philips and Donald Sinden in Ealing comedies.
"I say...what an absolute popsy!"
by drbollocks August 05, 2008
A theatrical term to describe the reaction of the more puritanical members of an audience when the word "fuck" is first used in a play.
"Did you see that couple get up and walk out when I dropped the 'fuck-bomb'?"

by drbollocks May 09, 2008
Something really tough...very difficult.
"This steak is chewier than a horse's hymen"

"These instructions are proving tougher than a horse's hymen"
by drbollocks August 09, 2008
An undesirable person. Certainly used in Ilkeston, Derbyshire to refer to anyone a lttle unfortunate looking, poorly educated perhaps. Or just someone you don't like.
"What do you want to go out with him for? He's a right scronk"
by drbollocks April 17, 2008

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