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To make out with a girl when she still has cum in her mouth.
yo, right after my girlfriends sucked my cock we went gooing.
by lucajamesalexjoeryangavincodyjoed January 15, 2008
12 5
when a girl and a boy show any sign of affection for eachother. this can be anything from holding hands, talking on the phone or even making out.
no one is allowed to show PDA at youth group ever since some couple was caught gooing in the parking lot and got caught by a parent
by kaylala March 24, 2007
2 4
making fun of someone's favorite sports team to fill the void of not having your own.
Charlie: Ron was gooing on my Falcons because they lost this weekend.

Ian: Well who's his favorite team?

Charlie: He doesn't have one. He just makes fun of mine.
by mr henson October 20, 2009
3 8