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Better owt than nowt.
Is there owt in that box?
by JayA October 30, 2003
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"Odors with Taste." Typically used when a person expels gas through burping or a flatus through the anus, that smells so powerfully strong that you can "taste it." Often used in facebooks application FarmVille: when someone acquires too many gas-producing cows, one is said to be creating "owt."
"Ew, owt, dude."
by smeltfisher August 29, 2009
Odor With Taste.
"Damn, dude. That fart was an OWT."

"After Jim went to the bathroom, I had an OWT experience."
by 8345713 August 29, 2009
Owt means Anything as shown in the example.
Are you doing owt tonight?
by Andrew Duffell September 05, 2007
Open with threesomes
If you're not OWT then are you DTF? If you're not then just GTF.
by kimodude July 31, 2011
Object with Tits. It is used when guys objectify females. You can get back at them by calling them OWPs or if they're not Jewish, OWCPs. Figure it out.
As in, "I'm asking your opinion as a an OWT."
by Confederate States of America August 28, 2007
A word based on a wrongspelling on the word Okay.
Owt, do that.
by Schnajmish July 04, 2009

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