14 definitions by drbillyg

when a woman calls or texts a guy or another woman only because she wants to have sex with him.
She decided to clitdail Skyler because the last time they hooked up he fucked the taste out of her mouth.
by drbillyg April 19, 2011
get tough, step up to the plate, it is the female equivalent of nut up or sack up
She needs to nipple up and tell that guy what time it is.
by drbillyg May 19, 2014
a woman's belief that all she has to do is show up and take off her clothes when she is having sex, as opposed to actually moving.
Her vaginal conceit is off the chain. She doesn't move at all during sex.
by drbillyg March 18, 2014
A woman who becomes religious because a man she's into is a Jesus junky.
Jackie used to be a hoochie mamma, but Joey totally dickletyzed her, now she goes to church, reads a bible, and has a rosary hanging on her bed, where the handcuffs used to be.
by drbillyg April 26, 2011
when lust drives you to call or text some one of the phone, who you only want to talk to, or text with because you want to have sex with them.
I knew Skyler would cockdail her last night, when he left the club, his dick was hard as quantuum physics.
by drbillyg April 19, 2011
derogatory term for a thin person who does not have an eating disorder
Dr. Kerwin is a normie, so of course he doesn't understand eating 4 quarter pounders with cheese.
by drbillyg April 08, 2011
Throbbing Black Penis
We're going to a club in the hood because we want to find some TBP
by drbillyg April 07, 2011

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