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(1) (Adj.) a great deal of fun
(2) (Adj.) very attractive
(1) Wow Mike, this party has punch and cake and everything! It's really OFF THE CHAIN!
(2) That girl has a nice rack. She is OFF THE CHAIN.
by Smoove B. August 21, 2003
664 246
Out of control, wild fun. Just like when your pitbull gets off the chain in the back yard and tears through the neighborhood.
I may be a 35-year-old white DJ from Maine, but this joint is off the chain!
by Dan_Maine December 12, 2005
468 140
Da bomb, really good, deliteful.
KFC's new buffet is OFF THE CHAIN.
by Bocephus November 27, 2003
295 178
wild, raucous, or out of control. Originated from the onset of a dogfight, when the dogs are let "off the chain" and the event begins.
That shit last night over at Jamal's house was off the chain, money!
by KayCeeGee August 29, 2007
215 108
Something that is fantastic, awesome, and especially extreme can be said to be "off the chain".
"I can't believe Joe got with three chicks that night, that is off the chain!"
by Jackage September 28, 2006
182 97
Wild; out of control

etym.: possibly derived from Fr. 'se déchaîner,' to burst out; to go wild; to arouse
"That set was off the chain, yo."
by lairdweller October 18, 2009
25 7
cool as shit
dem rims is off the chians
by smokey January 09, 2004
49 36