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Tall Boy Passing: to be used to describe a strikingly handsome fellow who catches one's eye with his glorious stature.

Preferred use with males over 6'2" as this constitutes only 3.9% of the American male population.

30% of CEOs are 6'2" or taller: 58% of Fortune 500 CEOs. Each inch above 6' for a man is equivalent to $789 a year in salary.

Short women need to let the .7% of the American women above 5'10" have first pick.
Amanda: "Wow, look at that TBP on his way to basketball practice."

Hannah: "He has got to be like 6'6" at least. What a prime TBP!"
by ilovetallmen July 04, 2013
To be published
- How are you going with the book?
- TBP.
by Butakun March 19, 2015
Titties be poppin.
TBP-When titties so good they be coming at you.
by navone February 19, 2015
Typical Black Person
That ghetto girl Nakia is always late to class. She is what you would refer to as TBP because it is a common thing for black people to always be late to everything.
by xxxShadowSpiritxxx January 20, 2010
To Be Pedantic. Similar to "TBH" or "To be honest," in netspeek. A typically nerdy sounding expression. It is used by the upper crust of Geekdom and Nerd-dom but is gaining popularity amongst the "Erkle-street" said by self-labelled 'niggaz' who like to sound eloquent like Will Smith for example. Usually said best with an index finger held up and the demure facial expression of one mimicking an instructor or educator. Used to one up over someone or pwn (pohn) someone in dialogue or argument.
To be pedantic (TBP), whales are mammals...not fish!
by Erckle September 05, 2006
Throbbing Black Penis
We're going to a club in the hood because we want to find some TBP
by drbillyg April 07, 2011

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