66 definitions by devin

The most ownage food in the world wayy better than candy corn
wtf jelly beans own candy corn noob
by Devin February 05, 2005
some odd fag who likes Halo and Punk rock music, no one actualy like Xenox but they talk to it anywayz
St0rmbwler: Xenox = Gay
IQ of Butter: ino
by Devin February 05, 2005
Like speech, or thingy.
Alright, give me the schpeel.
I read the entire schpeel.
by Devin March 03, 2005
1. Sexy scripter
2. Anti-RuneCMS leader
3. Newbie Java Coder
4. Author Of JokerBot Rs2
He is such a freaking Joker!
by Devin April 12, 2005
Dev is a girl who very much so loves her friends. Especially Klay. ;o
Dev has better time to make up her own definition about herself but shes doing it anyway.
by Devin January 01, 2005
garion is when somone is stupid like garion cus he is very freak
yo that kid is garion out!
by Devin March 27, 2005
When a girl is giving a guy head at the top of a stair-case, and when the guy is about to blow his load, he knocks her down teh stairs, and yells...."REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!!"
guy: ugh....yeah...thats how I like it......(falling down stairs sounds)..."REMEMBER THA ALAMO!!!!!!"
by Devin December 18, 2004

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