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When someone is rude to you because they are in a hurry and feel that people just need to get out of thier way because they are more important than you are.
Fag-"Hurry up you fag! Move!"
Guy-" Hey! Dont get Shticky with me fag!"
by Devin October 27, 2004
short for saying,
"Tough titty says the kitty but the milks still good"..meaning tough.
TT for you!
by Devin December 02, 2003
The Sexyest Person Alive
Devin is sooo Sexy
yea omg
i know
by Devin February 05, 2005
like saying "for sure" or "fo sho" but wayyy cooler
Hey man let's go cheif a bleezy

Photo Fo Sho
by Devin December 16, 2004
a chuckolate is a mad, usually upset, mammal who roams around my house and school begging to be touched in her china and if not tickled in her china often throwns drunked idiotic tempers. caution do not have peircings or she will rape u vigorously!
i hate when chuckolate is around she is always just kinda like in my face wanting attention and the last time i peirced my lip should was like "please touch my china for if u dont i will break your testicles with a rubber hammer"
by devin September 08, 2004
when some one tottaly desicrates there body, and can be called nothing else but a shit-fuck.
Oh my god, joel caught his dick on fire at Devin's house, hes a SHIT-FUCK !!!
by Devin August 12, 2003
meaning awsome, great, good. from the movie "Hook".
wow this cake is bangarang
by Devin October 07, 2004

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