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"Padge" is the given name for each member of an ultra-cool group of guys from Nederland, TX. The word is derived from "partner." Over time, slurs of the word "partner" went as follows:

1. Partner
2. Padnah
3. Pod
4. Poj
5. Paj
6. Padge

Padge has been a popular word used in social settings in Nederland since 1996.
"Hey there, padge."

by Devin June 19, 2006
a mexican blessed son of christ. A kindhearted easy going BASTARD who likes to pinch fat to get his jollys.
kissneros pinched my fat soo hard that he tore a chunk of lard clean off my arm,bastard.
by devin September 08, 2004
A flowering bush native of south Africa which is known to bear a orange fruit in the summer time that is extremely posionous to humans but becomes food to local insects...
Oh shit my buddy ate some sheys berries so now he is going to die...
by Devin August 03, 2004
of course, obviously, duh but with more emphasis and emotion. shocked
Are you a really cool chick?
by devin April 30, 2003
A paladin that is less than Leet
All those Paladins are vesuvan i could own them
by Devin February 05, 2005
A type of Progressive rock or metal. The "math" part of the name comes from the intricate polyrhythms and time signatures. Bands include: Messhugah, Opeth, Tool
"Holy crap, this band Messhugah is the epitome of math metal! Almost every one of their songs is in 23/16 meter."
by Devin April 03, 2004
A roommate who is a gunter
Dillon is a total gunter.
by Devin September 09, 2003
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