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Given too much alcohol by your friends or other people. Everyone buying you drinks and shots when you only went to have "a couple." (You know it's hard to tell them you don't want it when they already bought it and it's just sitting right there in front of you...might as well drink it right?) Like getting drugged only you get drunked.
"I'm sorry I'm home so late, but it's not my fault. I got drunked!"
by Becki82726 August 18, 2007
when your so drunk, you can't say "drunk" properly.
dude 1: man your sloshed.
dude 2: yeah i am feeling petty drunked!
by tomcon5 April 24, 2010
What a person experiences after consuming a large amount of alcohol, symptoms include:

Lack of Balance and Inhibtion
Finding everything funny
A feelng of complete relaxation
Frequently urinating
Falling asleep anywhere
Wanting to eat things that are F*%king delicious.
Shamlessly coming onto any girl around you.
A good example of being drunked is


When "drunked" Niall demonstrates all these symptoms and at the maximum level wheras others may only demonstrate a few.
by H.2.da.K September 14, 2006
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