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Kind of like a Demon, but with Angelic qualities. Short for Demangel.
My heart filled with hope when I saw the angel descending upon me, but my hope turned to fear when I realized it was the Deman, an unholy entity.
by Devin February 17, 2004
A slaphead who when pissed believes he grows hair and becomes cassanova.
Is that bald guy trying to pull?! what a webborn.
by Devin June 02, 2004
anal virginity and exclamatory word
Mr. Randal just ate Thomas' pourd!
In the name of Micheal's pourd, what is going on here?
by Devin April 19, 2005
I has the same meaning as crazy...
Guy- "Whoah, that chinese guy was crazah!"
by Devin January 04, 2005
The name of the bar in the movie and book "A Clockwork Orange", "The Korova Milk Bar" where they sold milk plus, which was said to sharpen you up.
We were all feeling a bit shagged and fagged and fashed, it having been an evening of small energy expenditure, O my brothers. So we got rid of the auto and stopped off at the old Korova for a nightcap.
by Devin November 29, 2004
"Padge" is the given name for each member of an ultra-cool group of guys from Nederland, TX. The word is derived from "partner." Over time, slurs of the word "partner" went as follows:

1. Partner
2. Padnah
3. Pod
4. Poj
5. Paj
6. Padge

Padge has been a popular word used in social settings in Nederland since 1996.
"Hey there, padge."

by Devin June 19, 2006
So called "heavy" "rock" "band" from Hinesville.
"Oh you mean that shit ass band. Devin suxors both on the guitar and vocals. Sup Mr. Clean. Good Luck anyway."
by Devin March 19, 2005

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