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1431 definitions by dave

v. drink lots, blow the chunks, come to and drink some more

see drink
see puke
see drink
Damn, that ho can really pound the schwigs! laterDamn, that biatch is back in action! I can't believe Carn is getting on that shit. Way to boot and rally!
by Dave December 05, 2002
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*A legendary figurehead of the United States. Although mythical, he is reported to have been a real person. Uncle Sam is basically a tall man with white hair (with a white goatee), dressed in the Red, White & Blue, with the Stars & Stripes as a huge hat. Uncle Sam, along with this description, is commonly portrayed as this old-looking, but tough-as-nails, figurehead pointing at you, the viewer of the poster, and below it he's saying "I Want You".
Uncle Sam basically represents the US Government, although he greatly represents the US Military.

*Sam Fisher's alias in a mission during Splinter Cell : Pandora Tomorrow.

*An appropriate name for anyone in the military named Sam. This name may not be appropriate for females named Sam though.
Libby-Lib : "*puts on Stars & Stripes hat and then points* I want you so I can screw your children over by sending them to ficticious wars!"
Me : "....not funny."

Me : "puts on Stars & Stripes hat and then points" I want you. ^.^
Hottie : "*has a confused look*"
by Dave June 29, 2004
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When a girl is slobing on your knob and she swallows your cum, then burps, causing her burp to buble up with cum
Your bitch sucked my dick and burped up a cum bubble
by Dave May 14, 2003
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Donkey Kong!
"Donkey Kong Country was the shit back in its day. ^_^ "
by Dave March 26, 2004
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*The Congressional Medal of Honor is the US's highest decoration for military personnel. To achieve the Medal of Honor, you pretty much have to display absolute fearlessness & bravery, heroism, and superhuman capability against an enemy of the United States. The MoH has only been achieved by very few, but there will be more in the future.....however, to achieve the Medal of Honor, you have to display the traits that have just been described, and perhaps even more traits and capabilities.
The Medal of Honor is a commendation higher than the Distinguished Service Cross (see DSC).

*A WWII-genre videogame series, spanning different consoles & storylines, created by Steven Spielberg!
"To achieve the Medal of Honor would be an act of God."

"Medal of Honor is a kick-ass game. Call of Duty kicks ass too. ^-^ What both have in common is that they're educational. ^_^ "
by Dave June 29, 2004
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National Socialist Black Metal. black metal which contains racist beliefs, essentially. NSBM bands are usually, musically speaking, of the kvlt persuasion, with the local folk instruments thrown in here and there.

NSBM bands usually draw their lyrical inspiration from pre-Christian heathen traditions rather than Satanism, and usually ascribe or claim to ascribe to the standards of honour supposedly upheld by these ancestral folk.

Somewhat confusingly, NSBM is most popular in the Slavic regions of Eastern Europe; one of the biggest names in the scene, Rob Darken, is actually from Poland, surely the last place you'd expect anything remotely Nazi-esque to be taking root.
"Why listen to NSBM, man? Regular BM isn't extreme enough, you need it to be Nazi as well?"
by Dave June 19, 2004
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A bunch of uninspired little pricks who butcher awesome songs. To tell you the truth, there have been kiddie-versions of all known songs since the turn of the millenium. Trust me; I've been keeping track. But Kidz Bop is most popular. Nonetheless, Kidz Bop needs to die. They butcher great songs for Godsakes!! HOW CAN SOCIETY ACCEPT THAT?!
"At the same time I feel sorry for them singing Linkin Park songs because, well, you know the hidden message to LP's songs, right? *forms imaginary handgun and blows brains out* x_x Oh well it happens all the time."
by Dave November 06, 2004
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