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115 definitions by danielle

spanglish version of queen. diva, doña, etc.
la queena del reggae - ivy queen
by danielle November 18, 2003
The flabby fatty skin that hangs from your arm and when you wave at friends or family, it does its own wave.
I need to go to the gym to work off these shmarms.
by Danielle February 25, 2005
means no way, or not real, or you told him.

Comes form the words ahhh and phhh.
Ahhh is the word that comes out like unfair.
Phhh is the releasing of air from the chest after the ahhh.
Bob: Hey Bill, wasn't that test hard?

Bill: Appachu!
by Danielle December 08, 2004
An offensive comment used when ever approriate, it means what you want it to mean
You skeif
gordons a skeif!
what a bunch eh skeifs liyk
by Danielle November 26, 2004
Jocelyn MacIntosh
Jocelyn MacIntosh is a crackwhore.
by danielle November 29, 2003
super cool amazing girl.
that girl is totally Rhyth
by danielle September 24, 2003
a preppie person.
some one who says "like, oh my god, totally, as if, whatever," ect...
by Danielle February 09, 2003