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115 definitions by danielle

word used to describe some one who has had drugs and is feeling the effects.
Dam Johny only took one hit and hes tweekin out.
by Danielle November 29, 2004
means for sure or allright then or great or for real or really-
comes from the word fer sher- but in the American languge every word can get morre ghetto..er
Person 1- Man billy your mom is sure fat.
Billy- fo sho, we need to stop going to KFC and getting the extra large chicken leg combo meal.
by Danielle November 29, 2004
Robot Jones is a really robot on Cartoon Network. It was cancelled because no one liked it much.
Robot Jones is so cute.
by Danielle October 12, 2004
Someone or something has went over the limit of a preppy girl.
that dress is so chicktified.
by Danielle May 26, 2004
howdy and whats up combined
Danielle:nothin and you?
by danielle February 27, 2004
A gay couple particpating in a sexual act in front of others
Max and Sam had a homo promo at a party with their all their friend
by Danielle March 16, 2004
i don't know
Iono what they were talkin bout
by danielle February 06, 2004