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it is the lead guitarist of good charlotte's adjective. it means everything cool/that rocks or basically everthing that has to do with benji
that band is totally benji-ness!!!!!
by Danielle October 11, 2003
To be without clothes.
Don't come in, I'm nakers and I don't want you to see this horrible rash I've developed in unspeakable places!
by Danielle May 10, 2004
1. Short for "Get her done."

2. When used, at all, you know you are a hick.
Scenario 1: Billy-Bob: "I went to Betty-Sue's house last night."
Johnny-Boy: "Getter done!?!?"

Scenario 2: Three boys were outside in a parking lot. Boys 1 and 2 were in their car "rippin donuts". Boy 3 yells, "Getter done!!!"
by Danielle January 16, 2004
adj. a word describing a truly skanky, dirty individual.
You fucked Paris Hilton? She's nastafunk.
by danielle May 23, 2005
a word to ask if someone is telling the truth.
are you ferserious about going to that movie? it looks so lame.
by Danielle August 23, 2004
An object or action that has the power to make you physically ill.
"The smell of that fresh dog crap is sickatating."
by Danielle September 17, 2003
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