115 definitions by danielle

A cheap but just as exciting version of poker in which no money or clothing is involved
"Poker night tonight?"
"Nah, I'm broke"
"It's gonna be strip style..."
by Danielle December 20, 2004
An object or action that has the power to make you physically ill.
"The smell of that fresh dog crap is sickatating."
by Danielle September 17, 2003
Crushed testes. Usually given to someone who causes another displeasure.
If he grabs my ass one more time, I swear I'm gonna give him a taste of Aunt Sally's nut butter.
by danielle June 01, 2007
spanglish version of queen. diva, doña, etc.
la queena del reggae - ivy queen
by danielle November 18, 2003
i dont know, but it's fun to say
by Danielle April 27, 2003
a word used insted of the casual "hello"
Oi! How goes it?
by Danielle April 08, 2003
to eat; to tear through
i could totally jam on this bag of chips
by Danielle August 24, 2004

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