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An exhortation indicating severe displeasure with the current circumstances.
Mariah Carey survived a heroin overdose? Cockass!
by danielle February 12, 2005
person who has a fear of fat people and who constantly insults them.
Yvonne's fataphobia has caused her to shy away from people with unusally large girths because a FAT person sat on her as a child!
by Danielle April 06, 2005
A nasty cranker that aint jenny from the block because we all know us chicas stand by our one man lil huzzy slut.
I am a jho i have many men.
by Danielle April 20, 2004
A whore who either lives or belongs in the gutter.
Jocelyn MacIntosh is a gutterwhore.
by danielle November 29, 2003
N. Foolishness; idiotic behavior.
Dammit Jim, will you stop it with that cockasserie? I'm trying to work here!
by danielle April 09, 2007
(adj.)1.) The quality of being one whom another individual simply wants to stab to death for the sheer pleasure of watching them die.

2.)A particularly brutal horror film.
Did you see that movie? It was stabtastic!
by danielle November 06, 2005
famazing means....fucking amazing
danielle is famazing for being famazing, dana is famamzing for making up the word, jackie is famazing for standing next to me!!!
by danielle August 24, 2004

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