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Slang originating from Ukterrorist website to describe either
1) People with exceptional tallent for counter-strike
2) People who think they have an exceptional tallent for counter-strike but are really just a bunch of immature kiddies.
3) Team Reflex
1) Wow omg! took HLO to the limit, Sarge is such a pr0 gaymer
3) Rhyzz where did your aim get you again ?
by Craig February 03, 2004
simson waitschullies
simson waitschullies is d'oh!!!
by Craig February 03, 2004
a receeding hairline that affects the persons day to day life including their intelligence and their way of thinking. also it is very ugly and it attracts poonuggs to cling to it
holy crap mickles's receed is sworming with a clan of poonuggs
by craig October 27, 2004
Egotistical inbred highlander, closely related to the butt monkey
Oi scoom, what the f*ck you talking bout?????
by craig September 22, 2004
the fine art of sex in the belly button
"yo dude, wanna spire me?"
by Craig February 03, 2004
a game which involves atleast 4 people sitting in a circle. You have one polo and you have to pass it to each other via mouths and tongues
hi babez, you fine ass be-atches wana play pass the polo, then fuck like horny animals?
by craig March 12, 2003
a person called lousie
lousie is a person called louise
by craig April 14, 2005

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