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Created by craig and jeffrey the most idiotic people ever create by god, it simply means the short version of awesome but uses the "sauce" with out the s therefore making the sauce sound without the S so thus leading to auce the most maddest thing in the world??? or not u stupid idiots why would u look up words anyway this is the stupidest site i have ever seen
"man that car is so auce???"
by craig April 11, 2005
Name for a complete and utter bitch.
She is such a Spacekitten.
by Craig March 07, 2005
yamina is a tall blonde german chick whom is very attractive and loves craig robbins.
dude?! i love craig robbins.
by craig December 23, 2004
A fort made by a kid or a group of kids for them to hang out. A den is usually made out of large pieces of trash like old wooden planks and a tilet... Ok maybe not the toilet but I have seen one den like that!
Look at this den we built.
by craig May 07, 2004
The word Plummy is used to explain great excitement or appreciation.
Wow! That was Plummy!
by craig May 06, 2004
A word used to explain something that is very good.
That game was wicked!
by craig May 06, 2004
To make the action of chewing on something hard, but without any teeth.

cham, chamming, chammed
The old bastard chammed as hard as he could on the Wether's Original, but it still fell out of his floppy hole.
by Craig April 10, 2004

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