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taking it up the butt; anal sex

originated from taking it up the butt while watching shrek
Joe: The sex is getting boring, let's start shreking!

by jelkss October 04, 2008
The act of replacing the background image on a friend/family member/co-worker/enemy's desktop with that of a small, tiled image of the main character of Universal and Dreamworks' Shrek movie series.

its a funny prank.

Bonus Points if you are able to change the screen saver to a slide show of shrek.
Additional Points if you can make every icon on the desktop a small shrek head.
Example 1-
man: Guess who just got a healthy dose of Shreking.

man B: Was it pete?


Example 2-
man: so i was just hanging out at pete's house. he showed me his new computer.

man B: did you shrek him?

man: big time

man B: sweet dude, lets watch iRobot, starring Will Smith.
by thesquidasaur August 01, 2010
Shreking is taking a dump while simeltaneously watching one of the three shrek movies.
After i went shreking in my bathroom last night i had to move my tv back into the living room.
by YoungMacDre February 16, 2008
Watching the movie Shrek while having oral sex
It was so awesome last night when i was shreking with my girl friend
by YoungMacDre February 15, 2008
When two guys each stick their dick in a girls ear simultaneously. Can be used as a joke, used as ear sex, or used as a finale.
Hey man, you remember that hot chick at the party last night? Well John and I ended up shreking her afterward.
by BBreezy716 September 12, 2014