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A form of lubrication used in the asshole to prevent burning and pain.
That anal lube was very smooth.

She liked the feel of that anal lube because it was soft and cool on her asshole.
by Nathan Berg April 01, 2005
a lubricant made just for anal sex with a male or female partner.
"John sweety, you need to go to CVS and pick up another tube of anal lube. My bum is getting chaffed" - Peter
by Kyle March 22, 2005
Code name for Weed
"Can you get me a ten bag of anal lube?"

"Hey man, you got any anal lube on ya?"

"ahhhh mate I was soooo lubed up last night!!"

"You wanna smoke a lubie?"

"Hey Chloe, do you often get lubed up?"
by Mr. Supercool October 11, 2011
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