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a thicker version of anal lube, often peanut butter
Turn around you silly lass and apply a generous helpin o'Jif buttputty to your sphincter so that I may insert my bologna log into your rusty bullet wound
by cornfritter October 19, 2010
1. Material used to fill excessive asscrack.
2. Product for controling diarrhea.
1.Man, there ain't enough butt putty in the world for the plummer that fixed my sink this morning.
2.That burrito tore me up. I'll never get off the toilet unless I get some kind of butt putty.
by gmoneycobra November 27, 2007
compound used to fill excessive ass crack.
Man, there ain't enough butt putty in the world to fill the ass crack on the plummer that fixed our drain.
by gmoneycobra November 23, 2007

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