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a piece of shit
Stephanie visited me ome last night and filled me crapper with 11 softball sized bumdumplings....the lass may want to have er shat hole checked prior to reimbursing the town for the sewer damage
by cornfritter January 03, 2011
1)a piece of small turd dropped on the sidewalk by a homeless bum and left there
2) turd muffin
Guy 1 & Guy 2 walking.

Guy 1: Oh shit, watch out, you almost got shit on your shoes.

Guy2: Damn bum dumpling.
by kshitty October 28, 2008
To describe a bad case of haemorrhoids!
what tha fuck, you got massive bum dumplings falling outta ya ass!!! get some fucking Anusol or something, arh man that is soooo gross!.
by Stoned yoda May 23, 2006