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A bridge, usually between two eyebrows forming a unibrow.
Wow, Brian, that is a huge dilge!
by Colin March 21, 2006
1) An ethnic friend, generally female, who stands behind you and sasses your detractors whenever they are encoutnered.

2) Something generally heard over the loudspeakers at chatham high school. Nobody really knows what it means, but your life is never the same once you've heard it.
The sasi backup will begin in 5 minutes.

Oh yeah, that girl was getting all up in my face, but my sasi backup, Laura the Fexican, out sassed her hoe ass.
by Colin March 26, 2005
disco, memory loss, thunder thighs, chav
"have you seen that stuart singer anywhere around?"
"has stuart singer put in a video for magnum?"
by Colin April 12, 2005
another word for shizzle originated in southern america it can mean you're praising something or simply conquering with your fellow homeboy
thats the shizay! or shizay my nizay
by colin March 05, 2005
A bad ass punk band from NE Philadelphia.
Dude did you go to the Noxious Waste show last night? Nah dude, they dont have shows yet. oh yea...
by Colin January 30, 2005
Justly destroying a drunk's illusions that he can control his alcohol problems. At all times speak the truth, and does not involve either h8ing or lying.
<sloppy drunk retard> hi I'm a drunk and I fuck ugly japanese women
<awesome guy> sir, you're doing a disservice to both yourself and everybody else by continuing on this path of self-degradation. Please get help.
by Colin December 13, 2003
To Be involved in the game of Basketball
I'm Going (to hoop) or (hoopin') today
by Colin June 18, 2006

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