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Also known as a pissed off Mercury Tracer, these turbo awd tanks are well known in the columbian underground as drug transport mobiles. Their power helps to ensure smooth getaways from trailing DEA agents, while their quadraphile owners enjoy the plush leather and trojan shift boot equipped interiors.
"Yo homes, what the ezekiel was that saloon?!? I think it was a pissed off Mercury Tracer."

"Damn my ninja, don't you know that was a V R Fo?"
by colin February 13, 2005
to kick someone more than once in a fight
i bootfucked the shit out of that guy
by colin November 21, 2003
Sweaty Little Boy, an acronym created for insults in Phantasy Star Online (early 2001) and later popularized by rap superstar Robo Randy in his mega hit “Spank Paddles”
"Hey Eros... I hear that guy likes SLBs."
by colin April 07, 2005
Any form of sex involving penetration of a man's urethra, using one's (man or women) toes to stimulate the penis, and/or the penetration of one's ears, nose, mouth or anus with one's penis, usually with two or more of the above occuring at once.
Dude, I just did it shakespeare style and it was great!
Yeah, but my urethra and toes are a bit tender.
by Colin March 14, 2005
Used as an alternative to Wanker or Asshole. Believed to originate from a McDonalds restuarant in Northern Ireland
"That guy is a serious chufter"
by Colin July 01, 2004
To drive through someones yard, usually not leaving any ruts in the yard, just leaveing matted down grass. Different from a Yard Job because deep ruts are not left in the yard itself.
We gave Sean a Classic Cut Through last night, man is he going to be pissed.
by Colin April 12, 2004
A fart that passes over a piece of crap before leaving your body.
"Holy crap that fart smells horrible! It must have been off the log."
by Colin January 10, 2004

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