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describes a dumb bitch who, while trying to fornicate your unit with her mouth, uses too much teeth and bangs up the sides of your junk as if she were some kind of fuckin shark attacking a bloody sirloin.
My gear is fucked because that porcupine mouth whore amber blew me and scrapped my gear all to shit! That fuckin shark is a pecker wrecker.
by chonger November 28, 2005
when a whore wrecks your pole with her poor ass skills while takin your junk in the jaw.
Anne wrecked my pole because she is a dumb cunt who sucks at suckin dick. what a dumb whore that pole wrecker is.
by chonger November 29, 2005
When you sit on a toilet and and your bait touches the water causing your knob to bob in the water
I hate taking a dump at Ians house cause whenever i sit down on his shitty ass ghetto toilet my junk bobs under water turning my gear into a toilet bobber
by chonger November 28, 2005
when a girl has a hot face combined with a nasty banged up body. Usually signified by either little goofy tits with a bony chest or big sloppy flapjack jugs. Also, junk in the trunk(dumpy fat around the thighs)is a major body foul.
I had to throw a yellow flag when the hot girl in the front row stood up because her huge dumpy ass was a major body foul.
by chonger December 03, 2005
Any time your lower junk is overly exposed through your outer clothing in a ridiculous and blatently obsurd fashion.
Billy bad-ass had a major junk violation at the gym when he was squatting in his spandex shorts. what a loser.
by chonger November 28, 2005
anytime your lower unit is violated, damaged, or broken.
Adams girlfriend was a cold bitch when she kicked him in his gear giving him a junk violation.
by chonger November 28, 2005
a situation where your "junk" is blatantly making a fool out of yourself
man: "how's it going"
woman: " get away from me you have a raging Junk violation
by chonger November 27, 2005
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