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a person who is so POOR they have to take the bus or have a friend or relative drive them around because they lack the skills to get a license or the money to buy a car. All you can do is call em a poor ass and feel sorry for em.
look at sonny, what a poor ass loser, he can't even afford a vehicle.
by orlandoj August 25, 2007
To harass with poop
yo me and floppy bob are goin out to poorass some hipsters
by Bobity August 29, 2012
A person, who in life can not even afford to pay for a ride on the city bus.
Damn I need a job, I am such a poor ass.
by Andrew Lewis March 15, 2004
Somone who says no about somthing, or one of ur friends, or somone gay.
A person in general.
Hey Poor what are you doin later?
"Can you lend me a ride?" "nope can't" "poor ass"
"Poor what's ur plan for the weekend?"
by Strands57 December 21, 2006
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