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When a woman is extremely good-looking but not quite among the best
(This is a slang term used by men with minds in the gutter )
A hot chick you would like to see on the beach .
by Hef June 20, 2005
Perhaps the best rap artist of all time. Sings the hit single "For The Shorty's". Is in fact a cow who sings in order to accomplish a brilliant scheme that will eventually help him pay for his rented patio furniture which he broke because he is a fat cow.
Damn, have you heard that awesome new song from Sir Loin?
by StabMastaArson April 19, 2004
the second form of the character MC Peepants(from Aqua Teen Hunger Force) who was once a six-foot tall spider bent on drilling a hole into hell. Now hes a cow with the same Bling and shower cap only now he sent by satan as a cow. Also now he must find a way to pay off hie rented patio furniture. But this time he is just sent to the slaughterhouse to die. quite hilarious.
Is Sir Loin coming back or have we seen the last of this high pitch voice character?
by Nizo September 07, 2004
The best, great, nice, awesome, amazing.

Just another new synonym for cool.
"Yo..that movie was awesome! It was sirloin!"
by TTTT June 24, 2006
Refers to the finest type of meat a man can get.
Often the 'Sirloinivity' of a subject is inversely proportional to it's age.
little girl crying in the back ground:

"sounds like sirloin to me"
by moodle December 11, 2007
Another word used for when youre lying.
DOM: "Bro, you're sirloin,"
LULU: "Nah man, I'm not sirloin you,"
by robotfrog May 11, 2016
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