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When a man is erect and bends backwards on all fours and walks around with his "dorsal phin" in the air. "You may make noises while doing so". It can be done alone but preferred you have a partner to chase around.
Last night my boyfriend started shark attacking me. He wasn't fully erect so it looked more like Free Willy's fin.
by Rede36 March 13, 2014
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“Shark Attacking” involves a nude, sexually-excited man bending over backwards on all fours and walking around with his dorsal fin gliding through the air. There’s no payoff. He’s just a shark now. (Making noises is recommended to enhance the fun. Can be done alone, but preferably in the presence of a partner.)
Dude you should try "shark attacking" it will spice up your sex life, or at least make your girlfriend laugh.
by Sodabutton March 28, 2014

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