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very powerful motor
by brad June 12, 2003
A word used in a song or book
The book contains a borning word
by Brad March 26, 2005
An expression of excitement or eager intention which can be used in conjunction with most activities.
'Fire the pizza Laser!'
by Brad February 05, 2005
A pathetic little white boy who strives to be black. Often uses words such as bling bling...
Usually doesnt make it past grade 9.
That kid is so waldi..
by Brad September 26, 2003
a monoterpene found in wormwood. an active ingredient in the drink absinthe, popular in Europe in the 19th century. Although its short-term effects are generally secondary to the alcohol consumed while drinking absinthe, thujone is considered a psychoactive convulsant and may have a hallucinogenic or a pain-killing effect. It is legal to own but illegal to sell absinthe containing thujone in the United States. Some stores sell absinthe, but this variety most likely does not contain thujone. For more, visit www.erowid.com
If you wanna try absinthe, make sure it's got that thujone shit or it's just plain old liquor.
by Brad June 23, 2003
The practicing of homosexual acts. General homosexual behavior.

It is just one of those words that I can hear Jimmy Swaggert or W using.
Looks at those two queens over there, what a bunch of homofaggotry.
by Brad December 03, 2004
Located in north america, hosting diverse cultures, geography, animals, resources and manerisms. Second largest land mass, said to be the best place to live, home of the north-most inhabitation, and well governed. Descending country of (mainly) Great Britain and France. Critical and critisized, most popularly by/to the United States of America. Two official languages are English and French. Slowly growing population of approximately 30 million. Contains 10 provinces and 3 territories. Often patriotic. Known (to author) to fight only for rightly justified cause. Home of many celebrities (good and bad), large fan of hockey (watch canadian tv), (at time of posting) legalizing homosexual marriage and marijuana, harbouring a province wanting to seperate, and similar (willingly or not) to its neighboor to the south. Eh.
Shall one travel to southern America, or northerly Canada?
by brad March 17, 2004

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