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hands that feel like alligators
bodan has eel hands, grosssssssss
by brad April 18, 2004
everything in the world has gone wrong
Son-of-a-fuckin-bitch! Everything in the world just went wrong!
by Brad February 18, 2005
A theoretical being that some philosophers use to discuss consciousness. A zombie is identical to a regular person in every way (including his behavior), except that he has no subjective, conscious experience at all. The thought experiment goes something like: "How do you know if someone is a zombie?"

Philosophers like John Searle assert that the theoretical possibility of zombies severely hinders our ability to observe and study the phenomenon of consciousness objectively.

Many materialists, however, assert that if a being was structurally and behaviorally identical to a regular person, then consciousness would result as an emergent property -- zombies cannot exist.
Daniel Dennett doesn't believe in zombies.
by brad December 01, 2003
The cause of the stupid things you do while your high on marijuana
dave:"Dude you spilled my drink on my playstation biatch" roger: "Sorry man its the stonage"
by Brad May 17, 2004
A baby lion
There was a gur in the jungle. He had a hot lion mommy with six breasts.
by Brad March 17, 2004
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