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The proper response to the officer who asks you "Sir, how many drinks have you had tonight?"
And I was so drunk I told the cop "A couple few"
by Brad May 14, 2004
A derrogatory term coined by Mork from Ork, similar to 'schmuck' or 'nerd'
"I feel like a Nimnul"
by brad May 28, 2003
Used when someone is being silly or intoxicated. For instance, if someone said something that was crazy or just plain stupid you would reply with "your off your chops!"

Then again, this word is mostly used when someone is pissed and are acting like a complete fool.
"your off your chops mate!"
"james is off his chops."
by Brad June 18, 2006
to have a huge party
Brad threw down hardcore last night.
by Brad May 22, 2003
anyone against big business and their constant exploits to destroy all wholesome american society has left with propaganda, rigged government events, etc......most true punks are a part of this group, also metalheads
the corporations have taken over
we must overcome
we are many
and they are one
we must fight
or they will win
this means war
against their anti-american sins
by brad November 27, 2003
A faggot who dates interracially.
"I heard that Jamal is dating steven now. What an oreo faggot!"
by Brad January 11, 2005
having adverse affect upon one
you living here is "crimping my style"
by brad March 05, 2005

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