Top Definition
to be smilly; the state of being silly and happy at the same time; a mix of smiling and silly.
She was smilly throughout the day, inspiring laughter all the way.
by Rosie Pose March 23, 2010
Mix of smart and silly put into one word. Alex thought of i know alex?! Who would have thought!
Alex: Dude your really smilly today
Ricardo: Thanks dawg
by imsickohehe January 19, 2012
a facial expression; turning up the corners of your mouth but tightning up of your lips while shrugging.
timmy has to smilly during ellen so not to spill his milk.
by Brad December 21, 2004
An alien form of the common smiley
it is the same but with 3 eyes
I've never seen a sad smilly!
Thats cuz smillies are awesome!
by pseudopods April 29, 2005
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