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A word used in a song or book
The book contains a borning word
by Brad March 26, 2005
An exceptional animal from south west Inala.... this mamal's appearance is that similar to a flamingo yet its covered in a lush thick growth of hair, thus the name; Hairy Flamingo..
these beasts dwel within non government commisioned houses and have very untamed siblings.....
Bus Driver: "this is your driver speaking.... please everybody close all your windows we are passing through the hairy flamingo's breeding ground"
Dood on Bus: dang...
by Brad August 30, 2004
British slang term for vagina.
Sickening... I can smell that girl's salmon canyon from here...doesn't she wash??
by Brad January 09, 2004
A lame situation or place.
Those girls were beat street dude.
by Brad February 07, 2005
a woman whose legs look like tree trunks. also known as cankles.
Damn that chick has some serious "log legs"...timber
by Brad December 14, 2004
little place called Inala, located between Forest Lake (Rich White Ppl Estate) and Durack (middle class idiot community, houses chimpanzees). its a hole. hairy Flamingo like to breed and nuture their young in this area.
while on my way to Corinda SHS, it was imperitive that i drove through the shithole of the world... i think i spotted a hairy flamingo in the mist.... cant be sure though.
by Brad October 15, 2004
short for doozy. plural: doozes

something that is intense
by brad October 30, 2003
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