232 definitions by brad

a nickname for the Nike shoe Air Force 1.
Hey man, check out my fresh new pair of willy dees.
by brad April 07, 2005
British slang term for vagina.
Sickening... I can smell that girl's salmon canyon from here...doesn't she wash??
by Brad January 09, 2004
a woman whose legs look like tree trunks. also known as cankles.
Damn that chick has some serious "log legs"...timber
by Brad December 14, 2004
short for doozy. plural: doozes

something that is intense
by brad October 30, 2003
A slang version of the word dork. Like goober.
Megan is such a dorko.
by Brad October 15, 2008
Collector of Keyrings!
you are a proper copoclephilist
by brad April 02, 2005
To be a complete ass.
See that guy over there..yeah, Shalrin....he is an ass, thatd for sure.
by Brad March 21, 2005

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