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One who engages in the theft of virginity.
Dan Cole is such a kleptosexual.
by Brad March 22, 2005
n. One who greatly admires and enjoys maps.
Only a cartophile would spend seven hours browsing and admiring maps.
by Brad November 04, 2004
The process of expeling ejaculate onto the face of a sexual partner.
(Japanese in derivation)
I would really appreciate it if you would gansha on me right now.
by brad July 20, 2003
Short for Eat My Dick
Person 1 says "STFU!"
Person 2 says "EMD!"
by Brad July 28, 2004
a word used by juggalos to decribe somone as being a punk or a bitch
man, this sucka is foo dang.
by Brad July 19, 2004
A terminal condition, the main symptom of which presents as the insatiable desire to upgrade.
A word originally coined by Isaac Sibson, and now increasingly prevalent in internet based discussions.
'Isaac, I have a great new cam, but now I want loads of accessories too.'
'Yes Brad, you have upgraditis.'
by Brad April 06, 2004
A derrogatory term coined by Mork from Ork, similar to 'schmuck' or 'nerd'
"I feel like a Nimnul"
by brad May 28, 2003

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