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A Online Knowlege Oriented manifestation of ethreal wisdom where one can attain knowledge and ample discretion on the utilization and potential ramifications therof.
Totse a haven for paranoids and visionaries
by Brad June 09, 2004
1.crap "rappers"(eg. Ja Rule) who do dumb duets with laydees(eg. Ashanti) and create absolute crap(eg. Mesmorise)
3.seewordja ruleword
Daym that man was dancin hip pop last night
by Brad July 07, 2003
A small protion of crack cocaine.
I've got twenty-five lighters on my dresser. I got's to get paid.
by Brad November 03, 2005
Rub the grub, tug the slug, whack the weiner, strangle the one-eyed python, embrace the unemployed.
There was no chicks at the party so I went home to flog the log.
by Brad June 05, 2004
the epitome of rugby success, the yardstick by which all other countries measure themselves, and they all fall short
"The All Blacks have just won the 2003 Rugby World Cup"
by Brad July 22, 2003
Australian for mosquito
these flaming mozzies are sucking me blood dry bazza
by brad September 20, 2003
One of the best ska bands to date, right behind streetlight manifesto and the old catch 22they have an insane trumpet player who got things put on his teeth just to play better. thats dedication. if u think im lying that they rock then go download some songs
The Mad Caddies song "monkeys" is awesome
by brad December 05, 2004

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