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An "herbal supplement" that Sparks, of Sealab 2021, made from pufferfish toxin and kelp. It seems to have the combined effects of PCP, crack, and ecstasy.
"Mardoc can kiss my black ass -- I need some Stimutax! Quit bein' a bitch and pill me up!"
-Dr. Quinn

"It's like a koala crapped a rainbow in my brain!"
-Captain Murphy
by Brad September 01, 2004
someone who chooses video games over sex
Ryan is a total electrosexual when he chooses ninja gaiden over katie.
by Brad March 20, 2004
A no-ass is a person who does not have enough muscle or fat in their posterior to be able to support a pair of pants. No-asses often don't know how to use overalls or belts. The typical no-ass is not very active and will often be labelled a 'skater'. The only way for these people to know how to wear pants so that they don't drop to their wearers' knees every 10 feet is by forcing them through a course where they will try endlessly to find a way to wear their pants so they don't fall.
That no-ass over there should learn how to use a belt. Hell, if he can't afford one, I'll be more than glad to buy it for 'em.

While walking, I saw a no-ass bend over to pick something up he had dropped, and almost threw up when I saw his pants hanging so low his entire ass was exposed. Wearing underwear of course.

That no-ass should get a belt, looks like he has to raise his pants almost every ten seconds to keep them from falling down to his knees.
by brad September 11, 2004
1.) A complete ho-bag bitch
2.) A woman who is highly undesirable.
Dude, my girlfriend is such a bum bitch, she hooked up with a buncha guys last night.

That bum bitch was naggin on me all day.
by Brad March 09, 2004
A Japanese Space Shooter for the Sega Dreamcast and Gamecube. Very underrated and underadvertised.
I was playing Ikaruga, the best space shooter since Galaga.
by Brad June 09, 2003
a person that rapes animals.
Camram Crotchhole is an animal rapist
by Brad November 14, 2003
One who engages in the theft of virginity.
Dan Cole is such a kleptosexual.
by Brad March 22, 2005

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