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1. One who could be concidered god's gift to women
2. One has an uncanny charm with the ladeez
3. One who has the strength of ten men
1 Girl: He's no Keeling, but he's a nice guy
Girl: Yeah look on the bright side he could be an Aune

2. Guy: If only I had the Keeling charm, then I would have all the ladeez

3. Guy1: How the fuck are we going to lift the truck out of the ditch
Guy2: Where's Keeling when you need him?
by Mike March 12, 2003
an amazing guy with a huge penis. He is really funny and sweet
i want a keeling.
by gynocologist January 12, 2010
1. The act of drinking trace amounts of perfume from a young lads anus.
2. The space located between floor and ceiling; Mid point is called a "Keeling;" Ample perfume sipping location.
1. "Ben, I will pay you 50$ to Keeling with me for an hour."

2. "Hey, this is a spacious spot to Keeling... don't tell your dad..."
by LORD HELL FEAR BLOOD March 16, 2003
A really Stupid kid
You're a keeling.
by Brad March 12, 2003