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an attractive, powerful, and luxurious car. the performance is superb and so is the pretty much everything about the car.
The Nissan 350z is more than a second slower than the latest Skyline GTR in the 1/4th mile.
The 350z is in no way as quick as a Skyline GTR.
by brad October 11, 2003
to call someone out or put them in an embaressing position.
Joe put John on "front street" by asking him if he was gay in front of his new boss.
by Brad December 14, 2004
(a) Name given to Detroit rapper Eminem by people who view him as lacking rap talent and as a tool of the mainstream pop world. Used by other rappers, such as Esham the Unholy, Insane Clown Posse, and Ja Rule. (b) Used to describe one who attempts to emulate said rapper.
(a) I really wanna hatchet Feminem to death. (b) There's a lot of Feminems in my school.
by Brad April 10, 2004
the beer of choice for college students.
"Do you have Natural Light on tap?"
by Brad March 13, 2003
To ruin or spoil, especially through stupidity.
Did you fuckup the computer?
by Brad February 03, 2003
A japanese sports car powered by a 6 cylinder engine, usually turbocharged or twin turbocharged. Easily capable of 1000+ horespower. Quite possibly the greatest car ever made.
Damn, did u see that Supra dust that Ferrari 360?
by bRaD November 18, 2003
A Online Knowlege Oriented manifestation of ethreal wisdom where one can attain knowledge and ample discretion on the utilization and potential ramifications therof.
Totse a haven for paranoids and visionaries
by Brad June 09, 2004

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